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The Craft of Emacs

Pairs: car and cdr

1 hour

The code in this chapter was concise, but packed with new ideas.

We learned to construct lists using the cons function, take them apart with car and cdr, and scrutinized them to find that they were built of pairs underneath.

We also stretched our Emacs manual muscles searching for string related predicates, and exercised our debugging skills to decipher error messages.

With lists under your belt, you’ve now well and truly covered the Emacs Lisp fundamentals.

In the next section, we’ll learn to use these tools with the Emacs display architecture to visualise our patterns.

For now, head down to your local bakery, grab the fattest croissant and take a well-earned rest.

Key concepts

dotted pairconscons cellquotelistnilbooleanread asevaluates tomay evaluate tomay evaluate tois ais a